ADM Decision Making System

Auto Decision Maker (ADM) is a multi-criteria decision-support software tool based on the world's most popular decision-making methodology: the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). It is designed specifically to help individuals and groups enhance the quality of their decisions by bringing structure to their decision making process.

ADM provides a powerful approach to making complex multidimensional decisions in organisations. It uses state-of-the-art method based on Multi-Attribute Decision-Making where you can identify the criteria and alternatives, and evaluate key trade-offs in an easy and straightforward manner.

ADM helps you define the objectives, goals, criteria and alternatives and then organise them into a hierarchical structure. It allows you to compare and prioritise the relative importance of the decision variables. ADM then synthesizes your judgments to arrive at a conclusion and allows you to examine how changing the weighting of your criteria affects your outcome.

ADM provides many results displays designed to give you insights and to make you feel comfortable making a final choice..