Powerful Features
Powerful and easy-to-use, ADM provides you with an unparalleled set
of features including:
Main Features
  • Rigorous Decision-Making algorithm.
  • Powerful Processing Engine.
  • Integration of both quantitative and qualitative information into your analysis.
  • Powerful On-line Structure Editing.
  • Automatic Mouse-driven Rating Capabilities.
  • Breaks down decisions into manageable parts
  • Dynamic Value Judgment showing Priority Vectors, Consistency with Graphics.
  • Makes group consensus easy.
  • Dynamic Simulation.
  • Performance Analysis Capability.
  • Comprehensive Reporting System.
  • Export data to MS Excel

Ease of Use
ADM makes the process of decision-making easy. It allows a decision-maker to:
  • Enter alternatives
  • Enter the criteria or standards on which alternatives will be judged
  • Enter your evaluation of each alternative on each criterion
  • Enter your weighting or preference on each criterion.

Structuring Features
  • A visual point-and-click approach to model building
  • Visual approach with nodes, leaves and links showing relationships between model variables.
  • Clearly displays the hierarchy structure, making it easier to report, audit and maintain.
  • Displays dynamically the prioritisation vector values and consistency measure at every step.
  • Automatic links of attributes and alternatives.
  • Definition sheet for attributes and alternatives.
  • Display the Total number of judgements.
  • Show / Hide alternatives link lines.
  • Levels indicator
  • Lock / Unlock facility

Rating Features
  • Automatic generation of all decision matrices with list of all items.
  • Point-and-click pair comparison and data entry
  • Numerical, Graphical and semantic pair comparison preferences
  • On line change of comparison word.
  • Colour coded grid for clear decision matrix
  • Automatic change of matrix dimension.
  • Dynamic report and display on inconsistency for every rating step.
  • Automatic calculation of the utility score for each alternative, given a set of preference weightings
  • Automatic recommendation of the best alternative, and listing of best choices in order
  • Export Judgment matrices to MS Excel

Analysis and Simulation Features
  • Displays bar charts with values of all attributes and alternatives
  • Increases or decrease the value of any attribute with dynamic change of other attributes and alternatives.
  • Goes to the original values at any time.
  • Contribution graph of all attributes and alternatives with lists and values.

Reporting Features
  • Summary results in matrix format for all priority vectors and consistencies.
  • Comprehensive report generations for printing for the hierarchy, decision matrices, bar charts, contribution chart and summary table.
  • Full customisation of printed report.
  • Visually organises complicated models as a hierarchy of simple, comprehensible modules
  • Exports decision matrix, consistencies and judgment matrices to MS Excel